• Particle detection with 8 software adjustable channels starting from 0.1µm
  • Measured value memory (SD card)
  • Laser monitoring
  • Contamination detection
  • Flow rate monitoring
  • High speed fieldbus/ or RS485 (Modbus) interface
  • Robust and shapely stainless steel case


Particle counters without integrated vacuum supply must be connected to a central vacuum pump.
The connection can be made via the integrated NIO bus interface (RS485), a Modbus RTU interface or via the optionally integrated analog outputs (4..20mA), depending on the monitoring software used. In addition, the devices can be equipped with an independent alarm output for direct connection of an optical or acoustic signal transmitter.
If required, the particle measurement can be activated or deactivated via the integrated control input by an external control signal (start of a production machine, the safety workbench, or similar). The built-in flow indicator immediately reports any fluctuations affecting particle detection, and monitoring of the laser unit reliably avoids undetected incorrect measurements or zero measurements.
Since the instruments do not have an integrated vacuum generator, there is no disturbing pumping noise in the clean room; the vacuum supply is provided by a central vacuum pump. This design makes it possible, especially in larger cleanroom systems with a large number of particle counters, to achieve a not inconsiderable cost saving in the initial purchase as well as with regard to the annual maintenance / servicing costs by eliminating the need for many individual vacuum pumps.

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