• Digitization of the measured value in the sensor
  • Increased interference immunity
  • Reduced uncertainty of measurement
  • Calibration outside the cleanroom
  • Calibration of the entire measuring chain is not required
  • Easy replacement
  • Compact design
  • DIN rail mounting
  • Digital DDS interface (Telemon Monitoring)

By using a dual sensor element and digital signal processing technology, our DDS differential pressure sensors enable high precision and the lowest drift phenomena. They can be connected directly and digitally to the Telemon Monitoring System. The integrated analog output is configurable and allows a wide range of applications for the detection of smallest pressure differences in clean room technology. The sensors can be quickly and easily mounted on standard DIN rails in the control box or data collector boxes. In the course of maintenance, the sensors can thus be calibrated outside the clean rooms.


Parameters/Function Type  
Measurement range ± 50/100/250Pa  
Measurement rate 20Hz  
 Digital filter (low pass)  5Hz, 1Hz, 0.1Hz  
Uncertainty of measurement (DDS) at Ta=25°C
Typ. Max.
± 50 Pa ± 0.5Pa ± 0.8Pa
± 100 Pa ± 0.8Pa ± 1.5Pa
-200..+250 Pa ± 1.2Pa ± 2.0Pa
Uncertainty of measurement (analog) at Ta=25°C Typ. Max.
± 50 Pa ± 0.6Pa ± 0.8Pa
± 100 Pa ± 1.0Pa ± 1.5Pa
-250..+250 Pa ± 1.5Pa ±2.00Pa

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Differential Pressure Addons

Pneumatic tube Pneumatikschlauch
Straight cleanroom wall bushing gerade Reinraumwanddurchführung
Angled cleanroom wall bushing gewinkelte Reinraumwanddurchführung
Cover flap Abdeckklappe

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