• high quality DSP transmitter/receiver
  • high output power up to +20dBm
  • 40 channels in 868MHz ISM band (50kHz channel spacing)
  • direct 230V power supply
  • elegant connector housing
  • Integrated power supply unit supplies DDS sensors
  • 50 Ohm antenna connector (type SMA)
  • TDMA method for up to 16 NWTRX in one channel
  • LED display for field strength, link and DDS communication

The DDS radio transceiver NWTRX in combination with the Telemon ng data acquisition module NTWBS enables wireless connection of DDS sensors of all types in the 868MHz ISM band. The NWTRX features a synthesizer controlled direct mix receiver with digital intermediate frequency processing and demodulation, and a transmitter with an output power of up to 20dBm (100mW). This, in conjunction with protocol-level error-protection procedures, ensures interference-free communication even under difficult conditions. The device can be operated directly at any Schuko socket and has an integrated power supply unit, which also takes over the supply of the connected DDS sensor. A λ/4 rod antenna can be connected directly to the 50 Ohm antenna connection, or alternatively a remote antenna can be connected via a coaxial cable.

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