Aeromon particle counters from Niotronic enable a complete spectral analysis of airborne particles and impress with their optimized signal processing. To record the particle concentration, the clean room air is sucked through the measuring cell of a particle counter via an isokinetic sample probe with the aid of an integrated vacuum pump or a central vacuum pump system, depending on the device type.

Advantages of Aeromon particle counters at a glance:

  • complete particle size analysis
  • 8 configurable particle size channels (0.1-10µm)
  • Device status monitoring
  • Flow rate monitoring
  • direct digital data connection to Telemon Monitoring
  • optional data transfer via analog signal or Modbus RTU
  • Optimized cleanroom integration through various covers/span>
  • H2O2 resistant
  • Depending on the device type, also available as standalone device, with battery, touch display, integrated pump and/or printer.

Factsheets to Download

You need more detailed information. Below you can download the factsheets as PDF.

Aeromon Remote

Aeromon Remote

Aeromon Mobile Touch

Aeromon Remote

Aeromon Remote Mobile

Aeromon Remote

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