• Digitization of the measured value in the sensor
  • Increased interference immunity
  • Reduced uncertainty of measurement
  • Calibration outside the cleanroom
  • Calibration of the entire measuring chain is not required
  • Easy replacement

The cooling volume sensors of the DDS Series enable highly accurate temperature measurement in refrigerators, freezers, cold rooms, but also incubators or incubators, as well as in liquid- or gas-filled containers of any kind. The actual sensor element is protected against any moisture ingress thanks to double or triple rolling. Thanks to the high-precision measured value acquisition (24-bit analog/digital converter), high accuracies can be achieved over a very wide temperature range. The direct digital connection to the Telemon monitoring system ensures loss-free and interference-free transmission of the measurement data. Alternatively, multiple configurable analog outputs (0..10V, 2..10V, 4..20mA) can be realized by using a Niotronic signal transmitter. Variants for different measuring ranges with different sensor elements and cable lengths are available.

Parameter/Function Type  
Measurement range -200°C - 260°C  
Measurement rate 20Hz  
Uncertainty of measurement (temperature) Type Max.
-30°C < 0 < +3°C ± 0.5°C ± 0.7°C
-100°C < 0 < +100°C ± 0.8°C ± 1.0°C

Factsheets to Download

You need more detailed information. Below you can download the factsheets as PDF.

Cooling Capacity Addons

Thermal attenuation unit Aeromon Remote
Plastic angled diffuser Kunststoff-Schrägauslass
Flat flush wall mount Aeromon Remote
Aluminum anodized angled diffuser Aluminium eloxierter Schrägauslass

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