Especially in the production of sterile or other sensitive products, monitoring compliance with product-relevant environmental conditions is essential. The digital sensors continuously measure temperature/humidity, pressure, flow velocity, particles, etc., Telemon Monitoring ensures tamper-proof recording of the measurement data. All limit violations and user accesses are recorded chronologically, and the required batch reports for the critical operating parameters can be generated seamlessly at the push of a button. Extra security is ensured by the automatic backup of all data. Optional redundant servers and databases ensure easy continued operation in the event of a malfunction, and operation on virtual machines guarantees the shortest possible downtimes in the event of a server failure. The alarm system also ensures greater security.

The monitoring system announces the exact measuring point designation, current measured values, limit values, points in time etc. via loudspeaker into the clean room in the case of limit value transgressions or in the case of a fault and the fault can be localized as quickly as possible. Additionally, an alarm is triggered via signal transmitter, SMS or email. Compared to a customer-specific one-off solution, Telemon Monitoring also offers the advantage of a purely configurable standard software, which is constantly maintained and equipped with new functions. In combination with the digital sensor technology from Niotronic, the exact and continuous recording of all important environmental parameters is guaranteed. Moreover, practically all common sensors from other manufacturers as well as safety cabinets and isolators can be integrated into the monitoring system. Automatic functions such as the automatic start of particle measurement when logging on to the safety cabinet or similar requirements can also be realized in the simplest way.


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